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Out of Town…

January 27th, 2015

This is just a quick heads up to let you know I’m out of town from 1/28/15 to 2/8/15.  While I’m away nothing will get worked on or shipped until I return on 2/9/15.

Thanks !


Latigo Falls

January 26th, 2015

It always feels like I’m constantly out of falls, no matter how many I cut out at any time.   Last night I cut out a batch of falls.  To speed things up a little bit I cut them out with a yoke at the wider end:

latigo bull whip falls


After I cut them out I punch a hole in the yoke and hang them on the hook by the hole.  Next I pare both top sides, then flip the yoke over and pare the other two sides.  Once they are pared I cut the slit in them, give them a hit of grease and round them.

bullwhip falls

This is a pretty quick and easy way to make a bunch of falls that saves a bit of time over individually having to flip each fall.


Fancy Whip Making Tools…

January 5th, 2015

If you read forums on the internet about whip making (or leather craft) people always talk about wanting to make a whip, but are saving up money for some expensive cutter, splitter or whatever.  They think they need expensive tools to make a whip.  The simple fact is you really don’t need anything fancy to make a whip, other than time.  All it takes is a lot of practice to make a whip, sure your first one will suck, but it will whether you use simple or fancy tools.

No counting things that go into the whip (like string or grease), here’s my list of tools that I use:

Box cutter and blades
Scrap Leather 

So for probably less than the $40 you can have all the tools you need to make your first bullwhip.  The scrap  leather is cut offs from your whip, so that’s free and you probably already have a hammer and ruler.

The point is if you are thinking of wanting to try to make a whip, don’t get bogged down by tools, just get a knife and start cutting!



4 Plait Bullwhip

December 1st, 2014

Yesterday I finished work on a 4 plait kangaroo bullwhip and it’s shipping out today to it’s new owner.


I gave it a few cracks yesterday and it’s got a nice crack to it!

The nice thing about having to buy an oversized kangaroo skin to cut this out from is that I probably have enough leftover for a 4 foot bullwhip!




4 Plait Kangaroo Bullwhip

November 30th, 2014

I’m currently working on an interesting little project, it’s a six foot 4 plait bullwhip in kangaroo.  You don’t see a lot of 4 plait kangaroo bullwhips, it’s more common on stock whip lashes.  I think they are less common in bullwhips because the lash is thicker and it can be harder to get the wider strand out of a kangaroo skin.

Personally I have two 4 plait kangaroo bullwhips that I use, one four feet long and I use it for throwing cards because the edge of the cards ding the strands on the whip and the wider strands hold up better.  The other is four and half feet long and I made it to use on a TV show to grab bottles with:



A four plait whip for a beginner will hold up a lot better to abuse like using it on abrasive surfaces than a 12 or 16 plait will.

To start this bullwhip I went up to David Morgan to pick out a kangaroo skin:

bull whip

This skin is 66 dm2 which is much larger than I’d normally need for a 6 foot bullwhip, but due to the wider strands in a 4 plait whip I figured it’d be helpful to have a larger skin to cut around.  Currently I have all the internal layers finished and today I’ll start working on the overlay.

One thing about visiting David Morgan, besides getting to pick out the perfect skin for the job I’m working on is getting to peek at all the cool whips kicking around:



The bullwhip in the upper right corner is probably one of the most beautiful bullwhips that I have ever seen!



Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th, 2014

For all of the readers of this blog in the USA, have a happy Thanksgiving!

Since my wife doesn’t let me do any of the Thanksgiving cooking, so I’m up in the shop working on a couple of whips:

bull whip

These are going to be two of the Beginner’s Bullwhips that I make.  I plaited both bellies a while ago and I cut out the overlays this morning.   I’m using some free time today to hopefully finish them up…or at least get the overlays finished.


5 Foot Beginner’s Bullwhip…

November 16th, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve made any of my “Beginner’s Bullwhips”.  This one is one of the deluxe models which has a plaited belly.


This particular bull whip is 5 feet long and would make a great first whip to learn the basic whip cracks on.  This whip is for sale on my IN STOCK whips page.

I’m planning on making a couple of more of these, probably a 6 foot and an 8 foot in the near future.


What Makes a Whip and Indy Whip?

November 14th, 2014

I’ve posted about this before and I’m always amazed at how many email me to ask why are my Indy Bullwhips so expensive compared some whips being sold places like eBay as “Indiana Jones Whip.   One of the reasons is that my Indiana Jones style whips have all the technical specifications that David Morgan built into the original Indiana Jones bullwhip.  These are:

* 6 plait wrist loop

* 5 X 4 three pass heel knot

* 5 X 4 two pass transition knot

* Checker board handle

* 12 plait overlay ending at a 6 plait point (4 Seam pattern)

* Whitehide fall

* Nylon Cracker

I was learning to use a new video program, so I quick video using it pointing the different specs of and Indy bullwhip:

And I made another video pointing out why a whip that’s frequently sold on eBay as an “Indiana Jones” whips is not an Indiana Jones whip, but simply just a whip:

You can view the auction here and see how the seller uses a lot of hype to try to make you not see that this isn’t an Indiana Jones whip.

So if you’re in the market for an Indiana Jones style bullwhip hopefully you can make an informed decision.


Bullwhip Crackers

November 14th, 2014

I feel like no matter how many I whip crackers I make when I make a batch of them, I’m always out of them.  Today is cracker making day:

nylon cracker

I’m hoping to get at least half a gross of them done so I don’t have to make them for a while…


Finished 8 foot bullwhip

November 12th, 2014

The 8 foot bullwhip that I was working on has been finished and is in the mail on the way to its new owner.

indiana jones style bullwhip


Next up I’m hoping to have some free time to make a few “budget” 4 plait bullwhips, so that I have a few whips IN STOCK for holiday orders.



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