Junk Shop Whips!

I’m in a small town today and stopped by an “antique mall” and came across some whips.

The first whip looks to be an 8 plait bullwhip that was made out of split leather, so there is no grain side, only flesh on both sides of the strands. That means it lacks the smoother grain side of the whip.

bull whip

The second whip is a 4 plait two tone swivel handle whip.

swivel handle bullwhip

The final whip is a rawhide quirt.

rawhide quirt

The two bullwhips were pretty dried out, and would need some Pecard Leather Dressing before you could crack them without worrying about blowing the ends off the whips.

Usually if you find a whip in an antique shop, it’s poorly maintained and overpriced. I think these are being sold more for decoration that for someone to go out and crack in the yard. You could get better whips or at least equal quality and new for the same price they were asking for these!