IN STOCK – Whips Ready To Ship

All of the whips on this page are in stock and ready to ship out!

6 foot 8 plait Bullwhip $350 $300

This bullwhip measures approx. 6 feet from the heel knot to the fall hitch. It’s overlay is 8 plait tannery dyed, veg tanned, drum stuffed kangaroo.


This would make a great whip for a beginner!

6 foot 8 plait Bullwhip $350 $300

14 inch 12 plait mini Bullwhip SOLD

This miniature bullwhip measures approx. 14 inches from butt of the handle to the fall hitch. It’s internally is constructed with a kangaroo core, kangaroo bolster and plaited kangaroo belly. The overlay is 12 plait tannery dyed kangaroo

This whip was made in the style of Indiana Jones bullwhip and makes a great display piece!


Bone Handle Bullwhip – SOLD

This bullwhip measures approx. 3 1/2 feet from the butt of the handle to the fall hitch. The handle is human fibula bone and the lash is 12 plait tannery dyed kangaroo.

bone handle bullwhip

This whip has a great crack to it, making it amazing piece of functional art!

Due to the nature of this specific whip there are sales outside the USA or sales to LA, GA, or TN

** Whips are not toys and for sale to people ages 18 and up. The user assumes all risk for the use or misuse of this bullwhip. DO NOT hit anything or anyone with the bullwhip or hang from it. Always use eye, ear, and body protection when using a bullwhip.