2 bullwhips waiting for the overlay

2 bullwhips waiting for the overlay

Today I cut out three 4 plait bellies (2nd belly) and plaited two of them onto their whips. So I have to bullwhips ready for the overlays and one that is all cut out except for the overlay, but isn’t put together.

Making the whips in groups is much much easier and faster than doing them one start to finish, then doing another…but the one step that takes the longest is the overlay…and even cutting it out in batches won’t speed up the plaiting.

I haven’t decided if I am going to make two 8 plaits or two 12 plait whips.

6 foot bullwhip plaited bellies

One thing that I have learned from making this batch of whips is that I taper my bellies too fast, it should be much more gradual.

Also earlier today I got some more 8 inch spikes for the handles of whips…but I also got some 12 inch spikes. To add weight to the butts of the 12 inch spikes I got some nuts and put two onto each spike and wedged them in with a piece of fabric.

I’m making some longer handled whips based on some that I saw on Mike Murphy’s No Bull Whipcracking DVD. He had 7.5 footers with 12 inch handles…also his whips looked very narrow…maybe two plaited bellies without a bolster????

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