Busy Monday..

Busy Monday..

The 8 foot bullwhip I’m working on has now been plaited to just past the 5 foot mark.  I got the bolster splice in:

How to make a bullwhip

It’s turning out well and I should be able to finish the overlay today and attach the fall as well.

Yesterday I cut out and some more falls and got them soaking in grease.  Here they are drying off:

whitehide bullwhip falls

I also realized I was out of bullwhip  holders so I cut out a few more and made them up:

bull whip holder

In the past I’ve had a lot of test cracking type videos hosted by Google Video, which is being phased out this month. So I transfered a lot of videos to YouTube.  These are mostly test cracking type videos, but there are some videos of other whip crackers cracking and some whip making videos. To watch these visit:  http://www.youtube.com/bullwhipsorg