Finished Stock Whip!

Finished Stock Whip!

Yesterday before heading out to visit family for Christmas Dinner I managed to sneak in a few minutes to make the handle for the stock whip.  Here’s the finished stock whip on my handle:

stock whip

The handle is 20 inches and the lash is 5 feet.  I didn’t add lead or anything to this stock whip because with a 5 foot lash I didn’t think it was necessary.  The lash of a 5 foot stock whip is lighter than the lash of a 5 foot bullwhip even though the stock whip lash is longer (because of how I measure them).

Here’s what I am using to as my base line for making cowhide leather stock whips are two other stock whips that I have:

stock whips

These stock whip are:

  • Left: The one I made
  • Center: Peter Jack (The Whip Man) –  Stock Whip kit
  • Right: SKT Whips

By comparing the whip that I made to the one that Peter Jack cut out and I plaited and the one by SKT whips that was made entirely by SKT whips it give me a good idea as to how my stock whip compares.   I know I am using a very different method for making my stock whip than Peter Jack and SKT Whips, but method doesn’t concern me as much as the final results,  how it cracks.

I was also digging through my whips and it turns out I have and have made a lot more stock whips than I thought previously.  By “a lot more” it’s something like 5 or 6 stock whips instead of 2 or 3 stock whips.


Stock Whip…

Stock Whip…

Yesterday I made the lash for a cowhide stock whip.  This one is 5 feet long has a core, plaited belly and 4 plait overlay.   Also FYI if I recall correctly technically this is a yard whip not a stock whip.

For this stock whip I cut out the core at 2.5 feet and it flares out to approx 35mm at the 6 inch point then tapering to a point at 2.5 feet.

Stock whip

Next I cut out the set for the belly:

Stock whip for sale

These started at about 9mm and tapered to a point at about 6.5 feet.  Next I braided the belly:

stock whip plaited belly

After braiding the belly I cut a hole in the yoke and trimmed it to make it attached to the stock whip handle. Next I cut out the overlay:

stock whip

These were initially cut at about 19 mm tapering to a point at about 7.5 feet.  However in paring I took a good 2 mm off of each strand. Finally I plaited the overlay, attached the fall and stuck it on an SKT Stock Whip handle:

stock whip - skt whips handle

Stock whip - 4 plait cowhide with plaited belly

I still need to make my own handle for this stock whip.  I put my lash on the SKT stock whip handle was that I wanted to crack it right away!  This whip has a good crack, but I think it can be improved.  I’m going to have a bit more weight out in the  point of it.  That will give it a bit more oomph!

Currently I have something like 5 heavy cane handles and 3 slightly lighter cane handles.  So that means my I’ll get a handle for this stock whip, then two pairs of stock whips.  After that I’ll try to make one half plait handle with a kangaroo lash and finally a pair of kangaroo stock whips with half plait handles.

I was sort of amazed at how quickly I was able to make this stock whip lash.  Honestly I really shouldn’t be that amazed because there’s not much to it (compared to a bullwhip with two bellies, two bolsters and a higher plait count).