The Whip Guy Chris Camp…

The Whip Guy Chris Camp…

Most people that read this blog know that my “day job” is that I’m a professional magician (you can read more about about me as a performer at  As a professional magician I belong to a couple of trade groups one of them is the International Brotherhood of Magicians (the original IBM acronym).  They put out a monthly magazine for members only called the Linking Ring.  My copy came in the mail today and while I was reading it I stumbled upon a picture of The Whip Guy Chris Camp.

Over the summer he performed at a Magic Convention and there was a review of the show he was in.  Here’s the pic from the magazine (Chris is in the top row of pics in the middle):

chris camp

Chris is one of the guys that helped me a lot when I was on America’s Got Talent.  He was on a couple seasons ago and his advice really helped me get on that show!

If you aren’t familiar with Chris Camp his website is and here’s my favorite whip trick that he does and one of the most amazing targets I’ve seen in my life: