Bullwhip Actually Used as a Weapon?!

Bullwhip Actually Used as a Weapon?!

Within bullwhip circles there’s a lot of debate as to whether or not bullwhips would make effective weapons.  There aren’t a lot of instances where someone has chosen a bullwhip as an offensive weapon before an engaging someone.   However I just found news report where someone picked a bullwhip as their weapon of choice:

Late Wednesday night, a duo of self-styled gangsters barged into a Super 8 Motel room wielding a bull whip and knives, according to police. The room’s occupant managed to grab a baseball bat and shove the men out of the room, but not before they reportedly said they were “there to enforce for his gang” and collect a $400 debt.

Arrest reports identify the two suspected perpetrators as Kirk Virgil Worthen, 24, and Clayton Wade Ames, 27. The reports state that they were trying to collect the debt because they believed the man in the motel room was “snitching.”

At some point, the man in the motel room called police and when officers arrived they found Worthen and Ames in the motel parking lot. Officers searched the men’s vehicles and reportedly found a knife under Ames’s seat. Worthen also had an empty knife holder, the reports state, and officers located knives and a bull whip in a nearby Dumpster.

Worthen and Ames were booked on one count of aggravated robbery each. Bail was set at $15,000, cash-only, for both men.

Above is from the Hearld Extra.

Just because someone picked a bullwhip as a weapon doesn’t mean it was a good choice.  Based on the report above they were fought off by a baseball bat.  That shows that two people armed with knives and a bullwhip with the advantage of surprise were no match for one person with a baseball bat.  When you think of it a baseball bat is basically a club or the most primitive weapon ever!

I also question how smart the attackers were because they picked a bullwhip to use in a hotel room.  Hotel rooms are very small and I seriously doubt they were bringing a 3 foot signal whip, but probably an 8 foot or so heavy bullwhip from at tack store.   Having cracked whips in a hotel room I know from experience that they aren’t the ideal place for anything over4 feet long.

So next time you’re out enforcing for your gang pick a more effective weapon like a baseball bat and help the sport bullwhip community continue to move the public’s perception of whips from weapons and lifestyle cracking to the actual sport of bullwhip cracking.