What to use to condition a bullwhip

What to use to condition a bullwhip

Bullwhips are made of leather and over time will naturally lose their oils and dry out.  That’s why there are leather conditioners and dressings that you can use on your whip to put oil back into it.  The main three that I use are:

Pecard: This is great on the thong, handle or fall of your bullwhip.

leather conditioner
bullwhip leather dressing

Feibings Aussie Conditioner: This is similar to pecards, but in my opinion not quite as good (don’t get me wrong it’s still good).  The upside is that it’s easy to find, most Tandy Leather Factory stores sell it as do a lot of saddle shops.

feibings leather
aussie leather conditioner

Pappy’s Dubbin: This will work on the handle or lash of the whip, and is fantastic on falls!

whip conditioner
pappys dubbin

Jay-El:  This stuff is great…but hard to find in the USA.

joseph liddy leather dresing

All of these three dressings / conditioners have a thick consistency and you don’t need much to put on you whip.  Stay away from leather dressing that has a liquid consistency because you will really run the risk of oversaturating  your whip and ruining it.


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Greasing an English Kip Hide

Greasing an English Kip Hide

When I make my bullwhips I prefer the hide I’m using to be greased up.  Some hides come pregreased and some are dry.  Before I do any cutting I try to grease up the dry hides.  Here’s a dry hide:

English Kip

Then I give one side  a coat of grease:

Bullwhip - English Kip

Once that has soaked in, I flip the hide over and grease the other side and let it soak in.  You might notice in the picture above the I leave the edge dry.  I don’t worry about greasing the very edge because I’ll be trimming that away to make a smooth edge.