British Pathe – Old Tyme Newsreels!

British Pathe – Old Tyme Newsreels!

When I was looking for video of people taking tops off of bottles I found this cool website called

british path

It’s got old newsreel video and there’s a bunch on whip cracking.  Here’s what I found:

It’s interesting to see what people used to do for whip tricks, where pretty much everyone did very similar things and now with creative whip performers like Dante and Chris Camp there’s a lot more variety in whip performance!

Inspired by the old newsreels I tried opening a bottle of champagne (OK, it was sparkling wine) with a bullwhip…it’s pretty dramatic:

P.S. FYI the video in the last post isn’t 100% legit.  While technically the soda is sealed, I altered the cap and the bottle and resealed it with a bottle capper.   Still it looks great!