Bullwhip Guts

Bullwhip Guts

Lately I’ve been concentrating more on what is inside my bullwhips than the outside.  I’ve probably been “super” focused on finding what I like in the weight of the thong for about 6 months now.  Finding what I like and where everthing inside the whip needs to be is a challenge and I’m sure at some point in the futre it’ll change. I think that experiementing with the insides of the whip until I found what I like and not just using what Morgan or anyone else does is a huge step in my finding my style as a whipmaker…I’m still trying to find my voice as whipmaker.

Now there’s nothing wrong with using someone else’s whip as a starting point to learn to make a bullwhip.  Basicially my starting point in learning to make a bullwhip was Paul Nolan and David Morgan’s whips.  While they make bullwhips that crack differently, the both had a huge impact on me and finding what I like in a bullwhip.

I took the blue bullwhip out and gave it some cracks at the park yesterday and that whip’s got a nice crack to it!  I still need to tie the knots on that whip…maybe today that will get one.