Here are some review from people that have my bullwhips:

“If you ever run for office you have Abbey’s vote: Her fingers thank you!” – James Maxwell

Here’s what Gary Paul had to say after getting a 4 foot two tone bullwhip:

Besides the workmanship being top gun, the whip handles itself as one would expect from a master craftsman. Louie’s talent is evident in every snap.  Bravo!

Below is what Skyler had to say after getting his 6 foot Indy Style bullwhip:

Here’s what Bill had to say after getting an Indy Style Bullwhip

The indy is a beefy whip but handles and cracks real nice and was faster than I thought it would be. It reminds me of Morgan a friend of mine has that is over 30 years old but yours handles better and is much faster when you transition from one crack to another.

Here’s what Jack Williams has to say about an 8 foot bullwhip:

I finally got to really throw my New Whip. Its been rainy here in Galena, icy and just bad weather. Well yesterday I threw my New Whip and went through all the motions, cutting leaves , twigs etc. and the Whip , well its going to be a good throwing Whip. Job well done

Here’s what Chris McCoy had to say about a 7 foot Indy Style Bullwhip:

I got the whip today I could not be more pleased it is amazing…it’s by far my favorite out of the three I have and must say I don’t need a morgan whip I feel like I already have one with this whip,you have a loyal customer in me…

Here’s what W.T. had to say about a short signal whip:

You do fine work. The short one arrived today…it is “just right”. Thanks
for your expertise. Beautiful work, and the length is perfect
Here’s what Rober Womack had to say about his 8 foot Indy Style Bullwhip:

Louie made me an 8-foot whip and updated me with pictures of the progress. I received it in less time than he predicted. It really is a work of art and a joy to crack. It is well balanced with not a single braid out of place. I did a fair amount of research from Morgan to others. I decided on Louie and I am happy to say it was worth the money and it is the finest bullwhip I have ever owned. Anyone buying a custom made to order whip would be as satisfied as I am with a Louie Bullwhip. A picture of this beautiful whip appears on Louie’s web page. I was so inspired by it that I wrote a poem in Louie’s honor.

Jean Calliouet sent me this email after getting his new whip:

Got my 10 foot indy whip and could not be more pleased.  Your work is very pleasing to the eye as well as meeting my wants and needs…Shipping was very quick , you sent it  on Sat and I got it  on Monday!  Thanks again, you’ve made a dream come true! highly recommended, couldn’t be more pleased!!!

Here’s what JP in France has to say about his whip that I made:

I have just received the whip and the DVD today. Thank you so much, I am delighted!!!
The whip is glorious!!!

Many many many thanks!! I have just tried to crack this beautifull whip, woaw it’s great! I am just a beginner, so I am saying to myself: “If I can crack it, the whip is excellent”.

Ryan Murray sent me this email after getting his bullwhip:

It came yesterday – I am just blown away.  Your ability really shines through this whole piece.  Are you sure you didn’t undercharge me?

After getting a 10 foot Indy bullwhip Mark Campbell said:

I received the bullwhip last night, it is unbelieveable.  My first attempt at cracking it was a cattlemans overhead and it produced a tremendous crack, with hardly any effort. The craftsmanship is first class.

Thanks for everything!!