Secrets To Straight Seams…

Secrets To Straight Seams…

When I first started making bullwhips I braided on a hook on my deck and my seams were very “wonky”.  Then I put a vise in my office and my seams straightend out.  Recently I rearranged my office and have a hook on the wall and no longer have a vise set up.  I’ve notice my seams haven’t been as straight since I switched to the hook. 

Then today I figured it out!  My Seam is going very straight on the whip that I’m working on.  One of the things that I really enjoy about making whips is the trial and error.  Figuring out new things and trying different techniques while making bullwhips. 

What did I do to straighten my seams?   Well I went back to basics an focused on technique and changed one little thing and what a difference that made!  I can’t tell you what I did to fix it because if you are paying attention to how you are braiding  you aren’t having the problem I did (poor technique).  I think the vise allowed me to get a bit sloppy, but the hook whipped me back into shape.


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