8 foot indy bullwhip

8 foot indy bullwhip

This morning I started an 8 foot indiana Jones stye bullwhip.  I’ve got the two bellies cut out, the core, wear leather and 1st bolster cut out as well.  Actually the 1st belly is finished being plaited.  I’ll probably have the 2nd belly finished tonight.

I’ve become fond of using wear leather on my whips.  I think it helps smooth out the transistion from the handle to the thong.  I still bind the transition a bit to make sure it doesn’t break down.

As for that 4 foot whip, I finished it this morning and it’s definately not a good example of my work.  I’ll probably give it away to a friend.  It’s not a bad whip, it’s just UGLY!  It does have a hell of a crack.



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