New Idea…not soo good…

New Idea…not soo good…

I’m working on a 4 foot whip right now and I tried something new and so far it’s a bad idea.  When I roll my whips, I start at the handle and work my way to the fall end.  In my head what is happening is in addition to smoothing out and rounding the whip, you are also slightly tighening up the whip.  So you are moving a bit of slack (very little) from the thong towards fall. 

So my “genious” theory was to roll the bullwhip several times during the overlay.  I’d braid until the point that I would normally drop strands, then I would tie it off and roll it.  what happened was the last 4ish inches of the whip managed to get slack from knots that I ties and my seam got twisted about 1/3 of a turn!!

disASSter!!  Now I have to undo a lot of my work and hope I can salvage some of the overlay without completely having to redo it. 


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