6 foot 12 plait blue bullwhip

6 foot 12 plait blue bullwhip

Here’s a picture of the 6 foot bullwhip that’s 12 plait in blue kangaroo.  It’s not shellac’d in this picture.

bullwhip 12 plait kangaroo

It’s been shellac’d, I just haven’t taken pictures of it yet. 

Right now I’ve got a 4 foot bullwhip in natural tan with about half the overlay finished.  I should be able to finish it this weekend.  This bullwhip has an 8 inch spring steel handle.  I’ll take a picture of it soon.

Also I’m making some progress on the bullwhip book and videos.  The book looks like it’s going to be over 60 pages and I’m going to do it as an ebook.  I’ve used a lot of pictures and with an ebook you can click the links unlike a regular book.  hopefully it will be ready this weekend. 



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