Blue Bullwhip

Blue Bullwhip

Yesterday I started making a bullwhip in blue (more like deep purple after it was lubed) kangaroo.  It’s a 6 foot 12 plait bullwhip with double plaited bellies.  Below is a picture of the finished 2nd belly.  I’m always amazed at how much of a difference that a good board roll makes.  

bullwhip double plaited belly

Right now I have the overlay finished and fall attached.  All that is left is for me to do the knots. 

When I started making this bullwhip I took some pictures of how all the cut out strands laid around the hide for someone…but those pictured ended up growing into something more.  I’ve taken detailed pictures of every step of making this whip including video on braiding, dropping strands, strand widths/lengths, paring and everything else I could think of.  I’m thinking it will turn into a little booklet that will teach how I currently make my 6 foot bullwhips. 

I’m not sure if there is any interest in a book like that, if that is something you would be interested in let me know.  It’s probaby sell for something like $10-$15 for the ebook version and/or $15-$25 for an actual book with DVD.  If that’s something you’d be interested in when I get it finished let me know, and I’ll continue working on the project…if no one is interested in it, I’ll just keep the pictures and notes for myself.  You can contact me by clicking here