Bullwhip Pictures

Bullwhip Pictures

Here are some pictures of a 4 foot bullwhip that I made a while ago and has been hanging on a hook:

4 foot 12 plait bullwhip

Bullwhip handle

 and here are a couple pictures of the 8 foot whip I made a few days ago, I don’t remember if I posted them:

8 foot bullwhip

12 plait kangaroo bullwhip

I made it back from the accountant better than I expected, but I won’t know for sure for about a week…but it looks like a vacation is in the works for me!

This afternoon I’m cutting out the bellies and overlay for a 6 foot whip and the overlay for another 6 foot whip.  I’ve got my system down for making 6 foot whips, so I’m not constantly having to come up with measurements, I have a template that I look at.



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