Visiting David Morgan again

Visiting David Morgan again

 I did my gig today that was near David Morgan’s shop and popped by to see him.  He’s getting around well after his fall and really I wouldn’t have noticed any difference in him if I hadn’t heard about it.

Today he invited me into the back of his workshop and from visiting joe strain I didn’t expect to see much…but it was very exciting…there were pots full of grease everywhere, sets for whips, tubs of lead shot, half finished whips, tons of finished whip (both by morgan and other makers) on the walls.   It was really like Willy Wonka’s factory for whips. 

I got my best comment from him on my whips, and that’s “pretty good” with nothing negative to say about my latest bullwhip.  We talked a bit about binding the transition and it’s morgan’s belief that it contributes nothing to the longevity of the whip.  I’m on the fence with my whips about binding transitions.  In my head I think it will keep the whip from getting a floppy transition like morgans get…but then many whips get that, so maybe the binding is sort of a band-aid and it just prolongs the transition  getting soft. I haven’t decided what what to go with in my whips, I’m doing it both ways now and dont have a preference yet.

Morgan also saw one of my snake whips and it got an “acceptable grade”, by that I mean he didn’t tell me it sucked.  I still don’t have a great job from him on any of my whips, but I think that’s going to be hard to earn!

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to visit the accountant to see how much I owe the government.  Personally I have no problem paying my taxes because paying them allows me to comlain about things that are wrong with our country.  If someone cheats on thier taxes, or does “under the counter” deals and don’t pay in thier fairshare then honestly they can’t complain about a pot hole not getting filled, etc because they aren’t paying into get it fixed.  But it’s a hard hit for me sometimes because I pay my taxes once a year (because I”m self employed) so it doesn’t get taken out of every paycheck.  I have to guess how much to save.  So I’m hoping I have enough put away to pay the man and go to disneyworld with my wife and dauther. 

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