8 foot bullwhip completed!!

8 foot bullwhip completed!!

I’ve got a coat of shellac on the 8 foot bullwhip drying right now and once that is done it’s finished!  I’ve very happy with this whip, it’s got a great weight to it.  I’m getting the weight and taper to how I like it. 

Taking apart that Morgan really helped me with my filler strands.  I was using more strands that were thinner as filler, and here’s using less strands that are thicker. The difference is that using more strands that are thinner, they pack up into a smaller space, giving a slightly thinner, and slightly denser thong. 

That’s why some of my earlier whips had stiff points, because of the many thin strands.  There’s nothing wrong with a dense bullwhip like my earlier ones, they just took longer to break in.

I shot this video really quick of the 8 foot bullwhip. I did it on my deck and didn’t really put much energy into the whip…I don’t want to bug my neighbors:

Here’s a quick video of the 6 foot bullwhip with the fiberglass handle:



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