Adding Some Filler To A Bullwhip…

Adding Some Filler To A Bullwhip…

The 8 foot bullwhip that I’m working on has about 7 feet of the plaiting finished, but I noticed that the taper was to sharp at my 10 plait to 8 plait drop.  I really should have fixed it when I noticed it shortly after I did the strand drop.  But anyway it needs to be fixed, so I’m going to have to unplait about a foot and a half and try toadd some filler.  This will be the first time I’ve put filler into a whip, so it’s sorta exciting. 

A long time ago I would have left it how it is, but one time Morgan scolded me for doing it.  Now I try to be much better at keeping the taper of my bullwhip’s thongs even.

I still need to post pictures of my last few whips, but I’ve been soo busy lately performing.  Also it’s the time of year where I’m booking up my schedule for the summer, so I’m spending a lot of time with the markeing aspect of filling up my schedule.


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