Bullwhip Study Group

Bullwhip Study Group

Last Sunday I stopped by the Bullwhip Study Group that’s held at the Seattle Wushu Center for about 15 minutes on my way to a show.  While I was there they were trying to use  a whip to flick a piece of paper in the air, the hit it again as it fell.  Here’s Gary and Restita working on it:

I managed to do this, but of course since I was recording with my camera I didn’t record myself doing it (I know I should have had someone else hold the camera).

After I left they were working on grabbing a water bottle:

The Bullwhip Study Group is every 3rd Sunday at the Seattle Wushu Center. They are a great group and if you are in the Seattle area they are worth a visit! For more info visit: http://seattlewushucenter.com


2 thoughts on “Bullwhip Study Group

  1. Very cool that there are whip groups out there. Eventually I’ll have to find one in my area. Bonus points for Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots playing in the background too. hahaha..

    I’ll have to try my hand at these tricks too.

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