Stock Whip Pair

Stock Whip Pair

Here’s the pair of stock whips that I started last week now that they are finished:

It’s amazing the different in the amount of energy your body saves once lead is put in the handles!  A bit of lead makes the whips much easier to hold on to.  Also I tried out these whips with kangaroo and with white hide falls (one on each lash) and cracked them on the same handles.

After trying it with both types of falls I was surprised to find out that I preferred a kangaroo fall over the whitehide.  Keep  in mind this is on a pair of stock whips which quite often have a finer point than a bullwhip.  Here’s the two stock whips being test cracked once I put a kangaroo fall on the second lash:


8 thoughts on “Stock Whip Pair

    1. fairly short at 22 inches. When I was cutting them out in my head they were going on 5 foot bullwhips, not stock whips. So I should be thinking closer to 7 foot bullwhip length in my head. Next time I’m trimming a roo skin I may cut out a new pair.

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