Kangaroo Stock Whip Progress…

Kangaroo Stock Whip Progress…

The pair of stock whips that I’ve been working on have been having some slow  progress.  Right now I have one of the lashes finished:

stock whip

If you look at the keeper you can tell I used a natural tan kangaroo inside.  In the future I’ll be sure to use a belly that matches the outside.  On this pair I may simply dye the part that’s showing black and then it won’t show.

I also have starting plaiting one of the handles:

stock whip handle

Before I started plaiting the handle I put the lash on it and took it outside to crack it.  As a test I tried making a kangaroo fall.

kangaroo whip fall

This kangaroo fall was cut around the tail of the kangaroo skin where it’s typically the thickest.  I’m not 100% positive that I’m on board with the roo fall.  On the other stock whip of this pair I’ll put a whitehide fall and see which that I like better.


4 thoughts on “Kangaroo Stock Whip Progress…

  1. To me, it just seems that roo falls don’t make sense. Too thin for a fall. It seems that some

    people like the way it works and that’s fine, but it just seems odd to me…

    Great work on the whip!

    How many keepers do you have on the thong? One from the belly and two from the overlay

    is what it looks like.

    1. It’s got one from the belly and two from the overlay. I could easily cut out one of the keepers from the overlay.

      Initially I wasn’t a huge fan of the kangaroo fall, but I took both lashes out (one with white hide and one with a kangaroo fall) and cracked them both on the same handle. I was amazed that I preferred the kangaroo one. Keep in mind these are stock whips and have a much finer point than most bullwhips so the kangaroo fall isn’t as much of a stretch as putting it on a heavier bullwhip (like an indy bullwhip).


  2. I have some 2-2.5mm thick whitehide that I’ve saved for stockwhips. I figured it would be

    good, considering I use 4-5mm thick for most bullwhips.

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