Stock Whip and a Riding Crop…

Stock Whip and a Riding Crop…

Today I finished a riding crop and made a stock whip.  The stock whip is another 4 plait one and this one is made from veg tanned cowhide instead of the Latigo like the last few.  This one is made with the same basic construction as the previous stock whips as well.

Stock whip

The riding crop I started working on last night is from kangaroo and it’s a 24  plait ending at 16 plait.  The core is made from rawhide with a cane center.  This one has a lot of fun plaiting in it.

Riding Crop

My favorite part is the black band in the middle of the riding crop.

I also put a thinner slapper on this one than I’ve used in the past.

I originally made this as something I was was thinking of using to donate to a raffle…but part of me wants to keep it for myself!  However I don’t know if I need more things in my closet that I’ve made.  For now this riding crop and the stock whip are for sale on my IN STOCK page.



5 thoughts on “Stock Whip and a Riding Crop…

  1. Great practice or patterns and transitions between patterns. I have a 12″ steel spike I plait

    16 3mm strands on to test patterns.

    1. The nice things about riding crops is that you can plait a bit more at around 20ish inches and then you end up with a something you an sell / keep / giveaway. Riding Crops are where I play around with higher plait things without having to make a whole bullwhip.


  2. So this is the riding crop you talked to me about, Louie! It looks great. The high plait count makes the crop look so nice and smooth. I like the patterns you put into the handle and the finish overall. Hope I can make another riding crop with a higher plait count soon!

    Congrats! Your blog is always interesting.

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