4th Annual Bullwhip Demo at SANCA

4th Annual Bullwhip Demo at SANCA

A couple of days ago John Leonetti, Will Morgan and I did our Fourth Annual Bullwhip Demo at SANCA Seattle.  This year we added Restita DeJesus as one of the instructors!  The demo ran about two hours, the first  half was classroom style and covered topics like:

  • Whip History
  • Different Types of Whips
  • Caring for a Whip
  • Safety
  • Short Demos

After the first half we broke into two groups and taught the basic cattleman’s crack to everyone and then the last few minute we regrouped and chatted about everyone’s whip cracking experience.

Here are the pictures that I took:

Here’s a video of Will doing a comedy body wrap, John doing some bullwhip cracking ending with a body wrap on me:

One piece of advice that was shared in this Bullwhip Demo was that if you are new to whip cracking or even a more experienced whip cracker you should try to find a whip group to crack whips with.  You can learn a lot and one of the best things is that you can try whips from all sorts of different makers!  Most major cities have some sort of whip enthusiasts group or western group.


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