Dog Leads!

Dog Leads!

I was cleaning up yesterday and I found a bunch of dog leads that I had made about a year ago.  All of these are cowhide leather except for one that’s kangaroo.  I had originally made about two dozen or so of these and sold them at a craft fair that benefited the preschool my daughter used to go to.  These are the ones that were unsold after the craft fair and I put them away and forgot about them.

These dog leads are made from veg tanned leather which is an environmentally friendly tanning process.  That’s something important to look for in any dog lead, something that’s not made with potentially poisonous chemicals that could potentially lead to health problems down the road for your dog.  So many of the leather dog leads that are mass produced and imported from places like India don’t tell you how the leather was tanned and you don’t know what you are getting.

Making dog leads is a good way to get use up smaller bits of leather that are left over from whip making.  I’ve listed these on my Dog Leads page.  All of these are in stock and ready to ship out!

One day I’ll make an in stock page for all the little odds and ends that I make with my left over kangaroo lace.  These are things like key fobs, bracelets, mini-horse tack, etc.


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