Opening a Soda Bottle with a Bullwhip!

Opening a Soda Bottle with a Bullwhip!

One of the classic tricks with a bullwhip that you read about are people “Knocking the top off a bottle with a bullwhip”.  The first time I remember reading that trick in my mind the person was opening a bottle, not merely knocking a a cap that was placed on top of it of.

Here’s a video of the Seattle Snapdragon’s bullwhip group and in the second half of it you see them trying to knock the top off of a bottle…but it’s an opened bottle with the cap set upside down on top:

And here’s a link to an old time news reel that shows a guy knocking the stopper (cork) out of a bottle: The bottle trick is showN at the beginning and again in slow motion at the end. And this one has a clearer view of another performer knocking the cork out of a bottle:
Finally here’s Dan Hassett knocking the cork out of a bottle while on horse back:
I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of actually opening a bottle with a bullwhip.  I don’t know what recently got me thinking about this, but it’s been in my head for the last few weeks. Unfortunately the Seattle weather has been to wet to go out and try it, but that gave me time to think it through.  I’m using a long neck Coke bottle instead of a beer bottle with a shorter neck.  Also the coke bottle is made from fairly thick glass on the neck compare to a beer bottle.  For a bullwhip I’m using  a fairly heavy four foot bullwhip that’s kangaroo and only 4 plait.  I use this bullwhip for a lot of tricks where there can be abrasive damage to the bullwhip.

Finally after a lot of thought I tried opening a bottle and here’s my first attempt:

Honestly I’m amazed that I got it on the first try, that’s why after I opened the bottle I stand there doing nothing, I’m stunned!

Hope you liked it!


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