Kangaroo Skins!

Kangaroo Skins!

Today was a fun day at the mail box there was a box of kangaroo skins from Midwest Whips!  There were four skins two natural tan, one black and one red:

These kangaroo skins had a long journey (time wise) from Nevada to Washington State.  Normally it takes 2 days for me to get kangaroo skins from Paul and sometimes there get here the next day.  This shipment took 6 days!  Based on the tracking number they sat in a post office sorting center in Las Vegas for about 4 days.  Good thing I didn’t need these for an custom whip I was trying to get out for someone’s Christmas present!

That said if you are thinking of getting a whip for someone for Christmas I still have a few IN STOCK whips page but don’t wait until the last minute and have a postal delay cause your whip to be a New Year’s present!


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  1. I understand you got these from midwest so it will be a little different, but what do I gotta do to

    get them to them to give me a good hide! I order from Charles Hardtke, and I specifically said

    that I wanted the hide to be a certain size, BUT, it being free of scars, bug bites, and holes was

    more important than the right size. They got me the right size, but the hide was LITERALLY

    FULL of scars and bug bites, ALL down the spine of the skin, of all places. The other two hides I

    got were great, but that one really threw a wrench in my plans. What do I need to do to get

    good hides? These hides you got from midwest seem just about perfect. While I don’t believe

    the perfect hide exists or ever existed, those ones look about as close as you can get!

    1. Jeremy,

      While Hardtke has cheap kangaroo they are leather suppliers, not leather workers themselves. So paying a bit more a square foot and getting it from a whip maker will get you a much better skin ever time. For example I can call Paul at Midwest whips tell him exactly what I want and if he has it he’ll send it to me. With a big leather supplier where their core business is not selling a couple of skins to whip makers and they aren’t going to go through the care that an actual whip maker would when pulling your skins. Hardtke’s core buyer are boot makers and they buy a lot more skins than the handful you and I buy and I don’t think they are as anal in what their skins are like as we are.

      There’s the old saying in sales:

      High Quality Product, Good Customer Service or Low Prices…pick any two

      When you buy from the cheapest person I don’t think you can really complain that you got a bad skin. Just chalk it up to learning that if you have a specific project in mind go to someone that’s knows about that what you are working on. Sure you’ll pay more initially for it in a buck or so more a square foot, but it’s a lot cheaper than having to buy a whole new skin!

      A lot of people talk about how expensive David Morgan’s skins are. Personally I don’t think they are that much when you consider that I’ve NEVER gotten a bad skin from him. They’ll pull you the exact skin you want in the size you need. And at David Morgan they sort by thickness as well…good luck getting Hardtke to do that! Also I know that at David Morgan they have skins that come in that they won’t sell because they aren’t good clear skins. They keep these skins for internal use. At Hardtke they need to sell every single skin no matter of the quality of it because they don’t do any in house work.

      So to get good clear skins for you project pay a bit more and buy from someone like Paul Nolan or David Morgan.


  2. The thing is, I pay $13 sq. ft. from hardtke, and Paul is 15.89 sq. ft. That’s quite a large jump.

    I’ll try him someday soon, and I also did some math and found out buying 10 skins around

    7 sq. ft. from Richard Taubman would be cheaper than buying from hardtke, so maybe I’ll

    save for a bunch.

    Either way, thanks for the advice :)

    1. If you order a bunch of skins from Australia you also have to factor in the the US Fish and Wildlife’s permit that you may need to buy to get your skins released to you once they are in the USA which I think is in the ballpark of an additional $150ish bucks. That right there adds $15 per skin on 10 skins.

      And I don’t remember if you still need the permit to get the kangaroo out of Australia. That used to be $60 bucks per shipment or another additional $6 per skin. If you get dinged by both of those permits that adds an additional $21 per skin or about an extra $3 per square foot. At that point you might as well buy from MidwestWhips and support a whip maker in the USA. All that’s also not including international shipping which is much more expensive than getting it shipping from the USA to the USA.

      You can also factor in that MidwestWhips give a bit of a discount on orders of more than 4 skins and that you won’t have to buy 10 skins and have a lot of money tied up in leather.

      For me I’d rather pay what seems like a bit more initially but not have to deal with the permit issues, customs, etc and get my order much faster.

  3. I didn’t realize the permits cost so much. With all that it’d probably have to be over 20 hides for

    it to be worth it. Midwest it is!

  4. Between my last whip and my current one, my hide utilization has improved drastically! My

    last whip was an 8 footer and took about 14 sq. ft. of roo, my current one is a 10 footer and

    I ordered about 19 sq. ft., and ended up with between 5 and 6 sq. ft. left over! And I was

    using some pretty crappy hides. I’ll be ordering from midwest now. The cost of roo will be about

    the same to me, but it will no doubt be cleaner and easier to work with.

    Thanks again for the info, especially on the permits, I knew there was these permits, but I

    didn’t know they cost so much.

    1. Good skin utilization is the best way to save money on kangaroo! I normally measure in decimeters not square feet because it’s much more accurate in smaller increments. However I think I get two ten foot bullwhips out of about 15 – 16 square feet of kangaroo. I know in metric I do two 10 -12 foot bullwhips from about 160 – 165 decimeters of skin. If I recall there’s about 9ish decimeter square in a square foot.

      The other good reason to get from Midwest is that you don’t have to order 20 skins and have them on hand only to have someone order a whip from you that’s the one color you didn’t get or are out of. Ordering is small quantities saves you a ton of cash from being tied up in kangaroo skins!


  5. That’s the only thing that’s held me back from saving and getting a ton of skins. I just know that

    the minute I order 10 in natural, and 10 assorted, I’d get someone asking me to make them

    one in the one color I didn’t order. Though in a case like that I would order from midwest.

    Either way, I have decided that from now into the foreseeable future, on I’m going to be ordering

    from midwest. I figured out how much it would cost me to make different whip lengths using

    their roo, with about how much I used on this 10 footer, and it will cost me roughly the

    same as buying a 3 sq. ft. more from hardtke, but I’d be getting much better hides!

    Thanks again for the advice.

  6. Just something I’d like to say, I just got two natural an hides from Midwest. One 55dm the other

    61dm. They are the perfect shape for whip making, no sharp necks and have a long back, and

    plus, I can count the number of scars found on both hides on one hand. Though I’m paying a

    heck of a lot more ( $13.00 sq. ft. from hardtke, $18.89 sq. ft. from midwest ) I think I’ll be a

    repeat customer on the roo.

    1. Jeremy,

      You should also try getting one of the heavy skins from David Morgan to make an Indy Bullwhip with sometime. The thick skin one of the things that gives a Morgan whip the look it has (especially in the point of the whip).


  7. At the price I’m buying from midwest now, the DM hides aren’t that much more, so I may do that.

    The hides I got from midwest were about 1.1mm thick. The DM are how much more???

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