Visiting David Morgan’s Shop…

Visiting David Morgan’s Shop…

Yesterday I happened to be in Bothell and popped by David Morgan’s shop.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there for more than a few minutes and the first time I’ve hung out in the braiding area since they remodeled.  I have a great time talking to Meagan, Will, Mike and Alex while I was there.

I’m planning on making a plaited belt that will have plastic D’s instead of metal ones for going through  metal detectors when I travel.  So I picked up a few plastic D’s while I was there.  Also about a year ago I cracked Will Morgan’s  pair of SKT stockwhips and liked them and while chatting with Alex somehow the SKT stockwhips came up in the conversation and I ended up buying one.

stock whip

They still have a few of these left in stock over at David Morgan’s shop and they would make a great Christmas present.  For more info on these stockwhips visit:

Yesterday I also managed to get the handle plaited on the 16 plait bullwhip that I started a couple of days ago and today I should be able to get a bit more of the lash finished.  I’ll post pics later today or tomorrow.


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