16 Plait Bullwhip and the Black Angus…

16 Plait Bullwhip and the Black Angus…

I have the overlay of the 16 plait bullwhip finished and the fall attached.  All I have left to do is put on the knots, roll the bullwhip and do some shellacing.  Here’s the bullwhip in it’s current state:

Bull whip

I plaited the handle on this bullwhip differently from how I normally do two tone handles and I’m not 100% happy with the results.  It’s not bad…but you’ll notice there’s a slight twist to the pattern on the handle.  That’s because I did this by wrapping all 8 strands one direction then weaving the other 8 through them to get the pattern.  Normally I do two tone handles one strand at a time.  While this twist is purely cosmetic and will have  not affect on how the bullwhip  performs I don’t think I’ll be using that method the next time I do a two tone handle.

I gave this bullwhip a couple of flicks yesterday and it’s got a great crack!

The other day I was going through all the junk mail that we get at home and I noticed a flyer for the Black Angus Steakhouse.  Here’s the flyer:


Do you see the bullwhip in the bottom left corner?  At first I thought it was a reata then I noticed it had taper to it.  Here’s a close up:


However based on the size of the plates and the size of the lash of the whip I’m guessing that either that’s a very skinny whip, huge plates or there’s a bit of photoshop going on!

Christmas Delivery of Bullwhips

My cut off date for orders of IN STOCK bullwhips is 1pm Seattle time on 12/20/2011 if you want them to arrive at an address in the USA before Christmas.  I’ve got a couple of bullwhips, a signal whip and a few odds and ends IN STOCK.  I’ll be adding the 16 plait bullwhip to my IN STOCK page as soon as I get it finished.

Also I have time to make one or two more Made To Order whips that would ship out before the 20th.  If you are interested in something that’s not in stock give me a call at 206-669-3928 or email me before ordering for what colors of kangaroo I have in stock.


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  1. I can’t be sure, but I think that’s the spiral method Wojcicki uses on his 64 plait whips. I may be wrong but how he described it I think it is…

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