Still Sick…but some pics

Still Sick…but some pics

I’m still sick today, but I have some pictures of bullwhips that I’m working on.  Here’s the Aussie Bullwhip that I’m working on.  The picture below is the 2nd plaited belly.  Right now this bullwhip has about 20 inches of the overlay finished.

Aussie bullwhip 2nd plaited belly

Even though I was sick yesterday I had a 30 minute hole in my schedule, so I found a park to do some whip cracking.

whip cracking

The way the camera was the bullwhip sorta disappears into the sky.  It was freezing cold out, and at one point a blew a cracker, and it was very difficult to tie another on tight because my hands were icicles!

bullwhip cracking in everett

With any luck today I’ll be able to get some more work done on the aussie whip.  Also the last two whips that I made, I’m thinking I might try and redo the knobs without the lead and see how they handle.


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