Austrialian Bullwhip

Austrialian Bullwhip

Yesterday I started making an Australian Bullwhip with one of the handle foundations that I got from David Morgan.  I was sort of inspired to try using the handle because I was just emailed some pictures from Steve at of a new whip he got. 

Steve makes some of the best looking nylon whips I’ve seen.  Below is a picture of the Nylon Indy style bullwhips he makes.  I always thought that nylon whips didn’t look good…until I saw steves whips!

 I’ll post pictures of the Australian bullwhip I’m working on later today or tomorrow.  Yesterday I cut out and plaited the 2 bellies and the boslter.  My next step to to make the 2nd bolster, then cut out the overlay.  I’m debating making it a 12 plait  or an 8 plait overlay. 

Also in a few weeks I’ll have a bunch of whips to list on my “whips ready to ship” page.  I’ve been saving all the whips that I’ve been making to hopefully show to another whipmaker when I’m in his area on Nov1st. 


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