Alligator Handle Bullwhip

Alligator Handle Bullwhip

Yesterday I was driving home and happened to pass by MacPherson Leather in Seattle.   I decided to pop in and see if there was anything that caught my eye.  In their scrap bin was a piece of alligator that was big enough for a bullwhip handle:


When I got home I started work on this bullwhip!  First I cut out all the cowhide leather layers:

bullwhip bolsters

By cutting out all the bolsters and prepping them all at once it really shaves off a lot of time in the making process.  I cut them out a bit wider than I need them and split them to the thickness that I want. Then when it comes time to put them on I tweak them to fit the whip.


I had originally planned on taking some more pictures of the making of the internal layers, but was talking to another whip maker on the phone while I was working and forgot to take more pictures.

Bullwhip with alligator handle

I’ve got about half of the overlay cut out (it’s 12 plait in kangaroo) and I’m hoping to find time today to finish the entire bullwhip before I leave town tomorrow for a few days.



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