8 foot 8 plait dog lead…

8 foot 8 plait dog lead…

Yesterday I made an 8 foot 8 plait dog lead from black kangaroo.  Here’s the skin that I used, it was pretty large and the leftover is going to be a 4 or 5 foot bullwhip:

Veg tanned kangaroo skin

The first step was to cut out the eight strands.  I did this by cutting out one very long strand that was about 110 feet long.  I also cut out one core  strand that was about 15 feet long and will be doubled inside the dog lead.

Show dog lead in 8 plait kangaroo

This was cut from the outer part of the skin, so I cut the strands fairly wide and cleaned them up on my lace cutter.  I rarely have opportunities to use my lace cutter because it doesn’t cut at a taper like is required for a bullwhip.  I can even up and pare faster by hand, but it was a chance to use this tool so I spent a little extra time and used the lace maker.

lace cutter

Below are two piles of kangaroo, the pile on the right is the lace and the pile on the left is the waste.

Show dog lead in 8 plait kangaroo

I also used the lace cutter to pare the lace, which again is faster to do by  hand…but sometimes it’s fun to use a tool.

Show dog lead in 8 plait kangaroo

The one thing about dog leads compared to bullwhips is that they are a lot less complicated.  With a bullwhip you are constantly paying attention to taper, or dropping strands, but the with dog lead it’s pretty much just plaiting.

kangaroo dog lead

Here you can see the eight strands (four on each side) and the two core strands.  The core strands are wider than the overlay.

Show dog lead in 8 plait kangaroo

And here’s the dog lead finished without a knot covering where the wrist loop is back plaited. I do most of my dog leads with flat braided wrist loops.  Pretty much the only time I do round wrist loops is with 4 plait cowhide leather dog leads.  Even my 4 plait kangaroo dog leads  have 8 plait wrist loops.  I think it looks better.

dog lead

And here’s the finished dog lead with the two tone knot.

Show dog lead in 8 plait kangaroo

This  has already shipped out to its new owner!


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