Whips and whipsmaking in progress

Whips and whipsmaking in progress

I just replaced the fall on the 6 foot natural tan bullwhip that I made.  I had a thinnner one, but went to a thicker/heavier fall. 

6 foot raiders style bullwhip

I’m really happy with how this whip looks.  I like the slimmer profile and slight taper on the handle.  This whip has a  thinner kangroo hide for the bolsters. 

Right now I’m plaiting the overlay of an 8 foot bullwhip with an 8 inch handle and a lead loaded butt.  I think I may have to put a bit more lead into the handle…but I’ll finish the overlay and see how it handles. 

8 foot indy style bullwhip

I’ve got about 4 1/2 feet of the overlay finished.  While making this bullwhip I broke one of the strands in the overlay.  I fixed it using a combination of two techniques from Ron Edwards book “How To Make Whips“.  I used a “tongue and slot” as well as a thinning the two ends down and a dab of leather glue. 

 Also I don’ think I posted a picture of the finished 8 foot whip with the 10 inch handle that I sent to Belgium, so here it is below:

bull whip 8 foot whipcracking

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