Bullwhip and a “Whip Top”

Bullwhip and a “Whip Top”

Currently I’m working on three 8 plait bullwhips that will be five feet long.  I’ve completed all three whips internal layers and cut out the overlays and just need to do the plaiting.  Actually one of the bullwhips is finished:



These five foot bullwhips are made from kangaroo and would make a great working bullwhip or entry level kangaroo bullwhip!

Also a few weeks ago I stumbled on this video:

I thought that using a whip to keep a top spinning was interesting and that I’d never heard of this before.  I found a Whip Top set:

Whip Top

whip top

The whip that came with this is basically useless as a whip, but it works well for winding up the top. I’ve gotten this to keep spinning after I’ve cracked the whip at it.  Unfortunately I haven’t spent much time working with it…maybe someday I’ll make a better whip for it and get good at it.


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