12 Plait Overlay finished!

12 Plait Overlay finished!

I just finished the 12 plait kangaroo overlay for the 8 foot bullwhip that’s going to Belguim and also have the top knot and the fall attached. So I should have this whip finished tomorrow…Hopefully the weather will cooperate so that I can take it out for some test cracks. 

Whitehide fall

Above is the fall for this bullwhip and below is the thong of the whip before the fall was tied on.

bullwhip 12 plait thong without whitehide fall

I just need to do the butt knot on the whip now.  I’m holding off until tomorrow to do that because I want to make sure it cracks okay and it doesn’t need any extra weight. 

8 foot bullwhip 12 plait

Also this whip needs to be rolled and shellac’d before it’s ready to ship.  With any luck I can do all that tomorrow morning and have it ready to go before I have to leave for my afternoon gigs.

Once this whip is finished and shipped off, it’s back to work on my other 8 foot saddle tan bullwhip with the 8 inch handle.  Also I’m planning on trying out different falls on the 6 foot whip I made recently.



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