Almost 7 feet into the 8 foot bullwhip

Almost 7 feet into the 8 foot bullwhip

This morning I managed to add on another 3 feet to the 4 feet that I had already plaited on this whip.  The plaiting has dropped from a 12 to a 8 plait so far and is just shy of the 6 foot 11 inch mark on the bolster.  So this has just over a foot to go. 

My braiding has gotten much faster recently.  I think my fingers are learning what to do and what not to do. 

7 feet of an 8 foot bullwhip

This whip is turning out a bit lighter than I expected…but then that is probably due to me working mostly on bullwhips with lead loaded butts lately.  The plaiting and the fall should be put on by the end of today and with any luck I’ll be able to give it some test cracks too. 

Hopefully this whip will be ready to ship out tomorrow (monday) to it’s new owner in Belgium.


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