Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhips and a Bracelet

Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhips and a Bracelet

Yesterday I started plaiting two six foot deluxe beginners bullwhips.  I got the bellies plaited:


And one of the overlays finished:

bull whip

I’m out of falls, so I need to cut them out before I can finish either of these whips.  One thing I did because I couldn’t put a fall on the whip that’s overlay is finished is that I braided it an extra couple of inches and tied off the loose strands.  That way when it’s time to put the fall on I don’t have to undo  the point and replait it to make sure it’s tight.  This way I just unbraid about 2 inches and it should still be tight at that  point.

After these two Deluxe Beginners Bullwhips I’m going to start working on a few cowhide signal whips to use up the rest of this side of leather.

Here’s a bracelet that I made for myself a little while ago:

wrist band

plaited bracelet

The body of it is cowhide and the plaited portion is kangaroo.


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