Tourist Bullwhips…

Tourist Bullwhips…

The other day I was in Virgina City, Nevada which is a “frontier” town.  Several of the shops there sold bullwhips:

These whips really ranged in quality, the lowest quality sold for $2.99.  These are good for making the shopkeeper money and that’s about it!   I was actually in a store when someone was buying two to the crappy ones and the guy mentioned he was getting them for his kids to learn to crack.  He’s going to be very disapp0inted…but then they were only $2.99.

Tomorrow I’m back at home and Tuesday 5/31/11  the 15% off whip sale ends, so it’s your last chance to save on a new whip!

Also I have a 16 plait bullwhip on ebay right now:

Sometime the first couple of weeks of June I”m going to try to find time to make 6 or 8 Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhips.  These will probably be 6 feet long.


3 thoughts on “Tourist Bullwhips…

  1. Hey Louie, wished I’d known you were in the area. We could have done some cracking together!
    Jeff in Reno, NV

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