Finished 8 Foot Bullwhip

Finished 8 Foot Bullwhip

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on the 8 foot 16 plait bullwhip.  First I built up the heel knot foundation:


The cap on the end of the whip (the leather that covers the lead or whatever makes the shape of the heel knot) was the best cap I’ve ever done!  Unfortunately no one will ever see it  unless they take the whip apart, so I took a picture because I’m very proud of it:


After putting the heel knot on it, rolling and shellacing it it was finished:

bull whips for sport bullwhip cracking

bull whips for sport bullwhip cracking

This bullwhip shipped out to its new owner yesterday evening!

One thing I’m always trying to do is come  up with things to do with my scrap lace.  I’ve got a ton of centers of kangaroo that’s too small for most of the lace I use for whips and pieces of kangaroo lace that’s about 5mm wide by 2 feet long.  I use these occasionally as fillers, but I don’t use anywhere near as many as I have (or generate).

Here’s my first attempt of  making a leather bracelet with a plaited center:

plaited bracelet

leather braided into a plaited bracelet

The whole thing is made from kangaroo.  It’s not bad for my first try, but there are a few things I’d change if I do another one.  The main change I do is that I’d use either a heavier leather or two layers of kangaroo stitched together for the body of the bracelet.


2 thoughts on “Finished 8 Foot Bullwhip

  1. I’ve been following your blog for about a month now and I find it immensely helpful as I’m starting to make my own bullwhips. The only thing that I’ve really had no understanding of is where does one find the proper shellac for a bullwhip?

    1. You can find shellac at places that sell stuff for woodworking (like rockler) and some hardware stores sell it premixed in a can. Buying the raw flakes is my preffered way, it’s cheaper and you can customize it to what you need. Where if you buy the premixed you will still have to thin it down before you can put it on whip.


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