Bullwhip Progress…

Bullwhip Progress…

Yesterday I got some plaiting in on the 8 foot 16 plait bullwhip.  I finished the handle:

Bullwhip handle

I also have the bullwhip plaited about 2 1/2 feet into the lash:

bull whip

Tomorrow I should have the lash finished.

Also right now Tandy Leather Factory has calf skins on sale (http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/search/searchresults/9154-02.aspx).

calf skin

If you’ve thought about trying to make a bullwhip, these are a good cheaper alternative to kangaroo.  I’ve made a few whips from this stuff in the past:

You have to use a bit more care when braiding with it because calf isn’t quite as strong as kangaroo.   Also these skins aren’t drum stuffed, so you’ll have to grease them by hand before you can do any braiding with it.



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