Indy Style Bullwhip

Indy Style Bullwhip

Yesterday I started work on an Indy style bullwhip.

veg tanned kangaroo

This veg tanned drum stuffed kangaroo skin was 57 dm, so it’s big enough for a six or seven foot bullwhip.  I’m trying something of an experiment with the first three layers of this bullwhip.  A couple of weeks ago I made a bullwhip with a Jacka-like transition.  The key to his transition is the combination of what  you bind it with and the use of split cowhide for the insides.

If you’ve never felt split cowhide it has no grain side, so it’s rough on both sides, instead of having a rough and a smooth side.  What I did with this whip is I rolled my core with the grain side in, so the rough side it out.  Then I braided my inner belly with split cowhide and finally put the bolster on with the grain side out.  What that has done is put rough sides touching each other for the first three layers.  That is going to (in theory) give me a slightly more durable transition (and first 1/4 of the lash).

how to make a bullwhip

The worst case scenario is that this whip will handle handle like if I made it how I normally do…and the best is that it will be slightly stiffer.  That’s the goal, slightly stiffer at the transition from the handle to lash.  I don’t want a Jacka transition, just something a hair stiffer than what mine normally are.

Also for what it’s worth it’s much harder on my hands plaiting an inner belly that’s split cowhide.  Because there’s soo much more friction from the rough sides you have to pull a lot harder.

After the first two layers were finished I did the next belly and bolster how I normally do (out of kangaroo and kip).


Last night I also got the overlay cut out, but still need to stretch, split, and pare it.


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