Matched Pair of Bullwhips…

Matched Pair of Bullwhips…

Today I continued work on the Matched Pair of Bullwhips that I started yesterday:

You’ll notice in the pictures above I “punch” the yokes of my bellies.  I do that by taking a leather punch and putting a hole at the start of the strand.  The reason I do that is when they are braided and rolled, you will get a little bump there and this reduces that bump. If you don’t punch it you will need to trim off the bump…however sometimes you still need to when you punch the yoke.

I’m excited to get to the overlays of these bullwhips because I’ll get a chance to try out something that Paul and Lauren at MidWest Whips mentioned to me and by coincidence Adam Winrich and I talked about to help strengthen the transitions of these whips.


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