5 thoughts on “5 1/2 year old Bullwhip Cracker

  1. Great video. I just showed this to my grandson who is visiting here during spring break from Arkansas. I told him he better start practicing because she is out doing him and Ella is 4 years younger.


    1. I’ve taught whip cracking to a lot of people and one thing I’ve noticed is kids usually pick it up faster than adults. I think it’s because kids listen to the instructions and they don’t try to crack the whip like in the movies.


  2. Excellent!!! Both the whip and your daughter!!
    Congrats to both of you!

    Wouldn’t it be safer with eye-protections?
    I can’t see if she’s wearing glasses? Is she?

    again great whip and great whipcracker!


  3. Yeap Louie, I apologize,

    I didn’t noticed the glasses the first time I watched the video.

    I’ve watched it twice again to realize she’s wearing glasses……
    I maybe need glasses lol!!!


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