Finished Bullwhip

Finished Bullwhip

Here’s the finished 12 foot bullwhip:

Indy Bullwhip
kangaroo bullwhip

Yesterday I also had time to put a knot on an 8 plait signal whip that I had made about a week ago:

signal whip

Also tomorrow night I’ll be performing at The Washington Center in Olympia, WA.  I’ll be opening for a comedian (whose name I don’t remember), the show is on 2/18/10 at 7:30pm.   For more details visit:


4 thoughts on “Finished Bullwhip

  1. HI Louie,

    this 12ft indy bullwhip looks great!!!

    Maybe you’ve mentionned it before but I wonder how many hides did it take to cut the overlay please?
    ON the picture it seems there are two different colors alternating, both natural tan, but one being darker. I was telling to myself one hide could not be enough for cutting 12ft 12 plait.
    So maybe you’ve cutted 6 strands on one hide, and 6strands on another…..?


    1. JP,

      I used two hides to make the 12 foot bullwhip. With a bit of sunlight they will even out colorwise.

      I used to use a plaiting soap that would darken up my lighter strands, but my recent batches have been with more soap that lard and that’s helping keep lighter colors from darkening!


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