Crack Shot

Crack Shot

Here’s a bit of video of me presenting my “Crack Shot” routine at the Comedy Underground the other night.  This short bit is a part of my longer show.  Keep in mind before watching the clip below that this routine was written and designed for a comedy club audience, so if you are easily offended don’t watch it.

If you don’t know my full time job is as a professional magician. I do a lot of performing in Comedy Clubs and “one nighters”.   You’ll notice that the Crack Shot is something that is designed specifically for those venues.  While hopefully dialog looks very spontaneous, it’s in fact completely scripted…except for a few “planned ad libs”.

Basically what I consider a planned ad lib is when I have already written responses to things that might happen.  For example quite often while I”m aiming the bullwhip someone will yell out something, and I have a set plan for when that happens.

This particular routine has about 6 laughs per minute, or on average one laugh every 10 seconds.  That’s not including planned crowd reactions to where they “sponateously” do something like cheer or clap.   If you include those reactions you get about 8 responses per minute.  Which in my opinion is pretty good for using just the most basic bullwhip crack and a ton of personality.

Also you’ll notice that in the Crack Shot routine there’s no lame jokes.  If you watch many performers that don’t spend time writing you’ll notice they all use a lot the same jokes.  What separates the men from the boys is to be able to write you own scripts and come up with original dialog for you and your particular show or routine.

Now I’m not saying I”m the best bullwhip performer in the world (I’m not), but if you watch a lot of the videos on youtube of people performing with a bullwhip there’s not a lot of originality…however there are people that care about what they do and are doing very original stuff like Chris Camp or Robert Dante.

So I guess what I’m saying is that if you do any performing with your bullwhip, don’t steal other peoples material…Take the time to learn to write a joke, or write an interesting paragraph of dialog and learn to present it.  I know it’s hard work, but if you are going to perform at all you will need to treat your show or routine as a job and put work into it.

It’s a long hard road to put together something original and something that suits you, but it’s worth taking the long journey!


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