New Bullwhip Design

New Bullwhip Design

With the 9 foot bullwhip that I’m working on right now, I’m trying out something new.  I’m tweaking my old bullwhip design a little bit and making my bolsters a bit longer and my bellies go out a bit further.

I don’t know if this will be an improvement or not to the finished bullwhip…we’ll see.

Yesterday I ended up with a bit of food poisioning, so I didn’t get any work on the 9 foot bullwhip done in the afternoon.  I’m feeling much better today.


2 thoughts on “New Bullwhip Design

  1. I hope your recovery is a speedy one!

    On the subject of bellies and bolsters (damn that would make a good book title!), I was wondering about this recently. Do you make the first belly and bolster as a fat little whip, or do you make them taper linearly like a finished whip? My guess is that by making these like a fat little whip, or if you prefer, with a thick point, the dropping of the first strand(s) would be more invisible in terms of continuity of size with the resulting thong carrying the weight forward in a more progressive taper, instead of having a high degree of taper right after the handle, and then a zone where the whip tapers very little after the end of the second belly, only to resume a fluid taper near the tip of the whip… I don’t always run into this problem, but a friend of mine who has encountered this recently was asking me about it and it brought the question to mind.

    What do you think?


    1. On this bullwhip I’m making the core 1/2 length the finished whip, then the boslters 3/4 and full length. The bellies are going to be 1/3 and 2/3 the finished length. Normally my bullwhip’s belly taper linerally like a little whip….but lately I’ve been cutting my bellies a bit wider so the finished belly has less of a taper, but there is still definately taper to it.

      Also lately I’ve been trying to reduce the taper right off the handle. This seems to be working at least cosmetically, on each layer of the whip I’m building up the transition with a tight binding of artificial sinew that extends a few inches off the thong. Each layer of this adds just a little bit of bulk right after the handle, and when you add up all the layers it really smooths out that fast drop in diameter.

      Normally I do all my strands drops after the 2nd plaited belly, so on an indy bullwhip the 12 to 10 drop happens at the end of the 2nd plaited belly. What I’m planning on doing for this whip since the 2nd belly is sticking out pretty far is to do my drop at about the 1/2way point…but prepare the strands for the drop. So when I get near where I’m going to drop I’m going to taper the strands just a little bit more than the rest (maybe .5 mm) and then at the drop spot I’m going to thin them down with a splitter. Hopefully all that will greatly reduce lump at the drop.

      So in the past I’ve tried to have my whips have a consistant taper, but this whip will have a bit of a slower taper for the first part of it. How it turns out is the fun part of experimenting!


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