Doesn’t Look Right…

Doesn’t Look Right…

This morning I was looking at what bullwhips were being offered on ebay (besides my current auction) and I noticed something that doesn’t look right.  Some is selling a “Joe Strain” bullwhip…but honestly I don’t think it was made by Joe Strain.

Below is a picture of the bullwhip that’s being auctioned:


There are a couple of things wrong with this bullwhip based on the seller’s description:

1.  It was only used once: It very well may have only been used once by the seller…if the seller had gotten it used.  The transition on Joe’s whips don’t get that limp after one cracking session.

2. The Turkshead: If you look a the turks head on the bullwhip it’s not the one that Joe usually uses on his Indy style bullwhip.  You can only get taht knot as a special order from Joe.  From having seen and handled several of Joe Strain’s bullwhips and watched him tie a turkshead before, I’d bet money that Joe didn’t tie that one…it’s not neat enough for Joe’s work (unless it’s an OLD Strain whip).

3. It just doesn’t look right: Right now there are two bullwhips on ebay that were made by Joe Strain and this one makes the 3rd.  Compare the way this bullwhip coils to the other ones currently listed on ebay and it just doesn’t look right.

I’m not accusing the seller if intentionally trying to mislead anyone about the maker of it.  Whoever gave/sold this whip to them could have told them it was made by Joe Strain.

So that said, would I spend $499.98 on that particular whip…NO…especially when there are two other Joe Strain whips currently on ebay.  But that’s just my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Doesn’t Look Right…

  1. I noticed this as well. My bet would be it is an older Strain, with a custom turks head, as it does have Joe’s thin wrist loop. One thing that’s for sure is that whip has not been used only once.

    1. Joe uses a thicker wrist loop than what’s on a Morgan. I’ve talked to Joe a bit about wrist loop thickness (it was a long time ago, so my memory might be fuzzy), and he mentioned that he liked the wider wristloop on an Indy whip.

      The thing about the turks head is that aside from Joe’s current SA Indy whip where he’s going for the look of Morgan’s bullwhip, it the turkshead on the auction just doesn’t look right, it’s too sloppy looking.

      The seller of that whip doesn’t live too far from me, I was thinking of emailing them and asking to check it out before I bid, I’d probably know right away by how it cracked if it was a Strain or not.


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